Road to become a yoga coach

In this moment, it is not difficult to understand why Yoga Coach (coach) has become such a hot profession today. The discipline has a history of thousands of years ago, with a clearly proven value based on scientific research. Yoga is a form of exercise, a natural health care method suitable for all classes regardless of gender age. So how and what do you need to become a yoga coach? Let's learn about that with Huong Anh Yoga!


1. Passionate

Yes, the prerequisite for being a first and foremost yoga instructor is the element of passion. Having enough passion will make you determined enough to carry out your plans and stick to the job for a long time and more importantly, when you have enough passion, you will have enough energy to convey that passion to your students and to the community.

2. An international yoga instructor

As a coach, you are responsible for imparting knowledge to your students not only physically and mentally, but you must also be responsible for their health. To be able to do that, you need to prove to them that you are knowledgeable, perform all the movements before giving advice or guidance to them.

And to meet that requirement it is imperative that you must be trained and intensive. The general mentality of the majority of students is that their instructor must have enough qualifications. After completing the training program of international yoga coaches in Huong Anh, you will be granted an International Yoga Coach degree, which is a solid basis for you to be officially recognized as a Yoga coach.

3. Time and Finance

How much does a yoga coach cost? How long does taking a 200-hour Yoga coach training course? Definitely the question we have to answer. But we hope that you desire to become a Yoga coach not just for money.

Normally a course will take place within 2 months with the cost ranging from 25-30 million. In Huong Anh, all costs include: diploma, study materials, school supplies, 3 meals per day and picnic, commitment to not incur any expenses during learning process.

4. Prestigious training unit

Many yoga training facilities (coaches), spontaneous yoga rooms with small and medium scale are in active operation. But most of the operating facilities are wrong: There is no business license, no certificate of eligibility for Yoga activities, no professional qualifications as prescribed, no qualified teaching staff. amount ... This, there is a potential risk of training unqualified coaches that affect the health of the practitioner and damage the value of Yoga.

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