Journey to overcome depression of a yoga teacher

In the life of every human being, there are always events and DARK points where we see life extremely blind, deadlocked with no way out. How many incidents have you experienced in your life? And have you ever wondered if the waves of adversity struck, WHAT WILL YOU BE?

[26 YEARS OLD] have to see their 2nd child die from a serious illness.

[29 YEARS OLD] stepped out of a 9-year marriage with empty hands.

[30 YEARS old] getting diagnosed with throat cancer.

That is the story of Ms. Tran Thi Huyen Trang, born in 1990, a student of COURSE TRAINING YOGA 200H of Huong Anh Center. Her life was once gloomy, but she was overcome strongly and her faith was re-lit by yoga. Becoming a Yoga teacher is the way for her to assert the process of fighting adversity, spreading positive values, love of life to the community. With Yoga, she made many new friends, faced cancer with a smile, and forgot about Illness to achieve many successes.


For many people, cancer means that all doors will be closed. But for Trang, this disease made her live another life, stronger and more comfortable.

On that day, when Trang came back from the hospital, she was always tired and did not have the energy, sometimes she lay in bed for 10 days. Wanting to get better, Trang came to a yoga room about 6-7km away from home. In the first few days of practice, I felt pain but after only half a month, the muscles began to relax, I found my body extremely comfortable, my mind also much more relaxed because when I had to practice to concentrate really hard breathing, combined with postures and movements ... she felt she did not have time to think about illness or other sad things. And so the disease also improved a lot.


According to the Harvard Mental Health Study, recent studies show that yoga can:

- Reduce the effects of stress

- Help with anxiety and depression with calming movements like meditation, relaxation and exercise

- Improve energy

Yoga is a physical exercise that includes various body postures, breathing techniques and meditation. This therapy can help reduce your depression and symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating or losing energy.

Many people use yoga therapy to manage:

- Mental and emotional problems, such as stress, anxiety or depression.

- Bad conditions and disorders of the nerves, such as persistent low back pain.

- Symptoms of chronic or long-term pain.

- Overall health and happy family.


Why did you become a Yoga Coach? We all have our own reasons to pursue the path of teaching with our own unique qualities and skills.

You have experienced yoga and enjoyed the benefits of yoga. Yoga teaches you the importance of taking care of yourself and making you see your tendency to over-give and neglect yourself. You can pour wine from an empty cup, and yoga is a helpful reminder that you need to take care of yourself before you can serve others. Practicing yoga is how you fill that cup to have something valuable to offer to others.

And always remember that "Giving to get back", becoming a yoga teacher is a mindful choice, a meaningful job that brings health and peace to everyone.