If we look at the concept of yin and yang of the ancient Chinese, we can see that in the two opposing forces, there is interdependence, connection and balance. Yang represents the qualities of dynamism, heat, masculinity, movement, activity and "initiative". Yin represents the quality of tranquility, coldness, passivity, femininity, rest and "passivity".

Yoga styles, or any form of movement, can be classified as yang and or y-y according to their inherent qualities. For example, Ashtanga focuses on strength, endurance and dynamic movement, which can be classified as a Yang style of yoga. On the other hand, Yin yoga is completely different, thinking that the postures are long practiced on the floor with an emphasis on mindfulness, instead of strength and perfect form.

I have found yoga yin to be a transformative practice in many ways. Here are five reasons why you should try this type of Yoga.

1. It is an antidote to modern life.

"Hustling life" "Rely on" "No pain, no gain" "Work hard, play hard". These may be the quintessential stories in our Western culture, and they certainly inspire many of us to strive for and achieve our goals.

The problem is, we've forgotten all about the wrong side: slow down, let go, surrender, make it easy and accept. Too many good things are no longer good, and our unbalanced approach to life is causing an epidemic of exhaustion, exhaustion, depression and stress-related illness.

I think it's safe to say that we live in a "yin-yang" culture, which values ​​busyness, urgency, competition, and running after external results. Therefore, it is important to consciously bring negative factors into our lives to counter this chronic addiction. One way to do this, is to practice YOGA SOUND - YIN YOGA

2. It will release the accumulated stress in your body.

If you really sweat on a series of exercises in dynamic, powerful, "like yin and yang" forms of yoga like Vinyasa, Bikram or Ashtanga, you'll find YIN YOGA a refreshing change. Instead of moving quickly through standing poses that strengthen your muscles, the deep, long postures of yoga focus on releasing stress accumulated in the fascia or connective tissue. (You don't know what fascia is? When you feel like a Hunchback of Notre Dame after sitting at the computer all day? It's your charm that gives you grief.)

3. It will switch you from "do" mode to "on" mode.

Long positions are also meant that you really don't "do" much. This can be confusing at first if you are not used to standing still, but if you can change the mechanism of action by just surrendering, you will find that both your mind and body can fall into a state of deep relaxation. Concentrating on paying attention to the breath and sensations that come into your body, which is also a great distinction between mindfulness and meditation, especially for people with personality, the feeling will go crazy. obsessed with sitting upright in more formal meditation styles.

4. It will act as a good balance for your other exercises.

Practicing YIN YOGA is also a good counterweight to other yin and yang exercise styles, such as running or exercising at the gym. These types of repetitive, vigorous exercise can not only lead to joint wear, but also habitual tightening in certain areas of the body. The stretching and release of fascination in YIN YOGA can prevent the risk of injury and the necessary attention of practice helps to raise awareness and accept the natural limits of the body so that you have less to push yourself. away from other types of exercise.

5. It will transform your life.

However, perhaps the most profound benefits of regular yoga practice are the way it can begin to turn your life. As you learn to be more patient, accepting and compassionate with your body and mind during an extremely stressful period, you will find that these qualities can also transfer to other areas of your life. your. Work for 6 consecutive hours without a break? You will not want to do that anymore. Feel like you want to scream at the painfully slow salesman at the post office - you'll remember to surrender to the situation and just breathe. Feel like a loser because you didn't complete everything on your epic list? You will remember that it is not a big deal and the fact that everything will be okay.